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Warming treatments for spirit and body in special prices!

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masaż dźwiękiem

SomaSound - my combination of massage and gong & bowls sound therapy. This technique gives very effective release from stress effects, blockades, increases organism regeneration, assists achieving homeostases. There are three kinds of SomaSound:

  • healing massage + bowls sound therapy
  • relaxing massage + bowls sound therapy
My clients considered this unique procedures combination as more effective than separated sound therapy and massage.

€70 €50

biomasaż Detoxifying draining massage - €60 €50

Performed on whole body, time: 1,5 - 2 h.

This massage helps with removing metabolites and excess of water from subcutaneus tissue, firms, helps with weight loss and reducing cellulite, enhances fat burning.
It`s great help in any treatments like organism detox and slimming.
If there are no contraindications I use Chinese bulb as add-on to manual massage.
Cycle/series of massage is recommended.

If you pay up-front for ten, one is on the house.

High-tech treatment for face, neck, decolletage preparing skin for winter.
When it`s cold and windy outside your skin needs support. Also heating brings adverse effects to your skin.
I offer the highest quality of organic cosmetics that will improve condition of your epidermis after summer and prepare it for the winter.

The treatment is composed of:
- diamond microdermabrasion or peeling, massage, serum applied with needle-less mesotherapy, mask matched to skin needs.

Face only: €75 €55
Face, neck, decolletage: €90 €65

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RevitaLash now available!

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The program that I realize for several years accords to healthy life style and is composed of:

  • imroving health - by proffesional massages, reflexology
  • beauty tratment - for face and body
  • cosmetology procedures, combination of organic cosmetics with cosmetology trends
  • body shaping, slimming, firming, anti-cellulite treatments
  • relaxation, regeneration of the body - relaxing massages, aromatherapy, sound therapy.

Please call us to make a reservation.

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If you are looking for a gift idea you can buy "Voucher" for those who are important."

Treatments from our offer is something more than just a gift. It`s a proof that you care. And when given ot of the blue will give much more happiness. There is nothing better than perfect relax which gives you strength to realize your plans, brings peace and calms you down.

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