2007-11-29 My City, Szczecin (Relaxing with the music)

Relaxing with the music

In the house of culture "Common House" a concert named "Bath in Sound of Bowls and Gongs - journey on sound waves" took place.

Many people came in. One of them was Ms Magda, which participated in this kind of concert for first time.

- I have heard from my friend, that concert on gongs will be performed - she says. I`ve been intrigued that from such instrument normal music can be extracted so I decided to came in and listen to it.

Like others, Ms Magda came with mate and blanket, and heard sounds extracted from gongs and bowls accompanied by delicate light. This type of concert was organized for second time.

- I have delivered this kind of entertainment from America together with my friends; Ms Katarzyna Jeleń Pszkit smiles; Once we went to a bowls and gongs concert and we were fascinated. We decided to learn it and went to the training.

- Playing on bowls isn`t just only about good fun; Ms Kasia explains. - Music should most of all relax. Some people says, that it can heal. It`s really worth listening.

Joanna Maszkiewicz
Moje Miasto 29-11-2007