relaxing massages

masaż relaksacyjny

Relaxing massages:

Relaxing massage with head massage - subtle massage made in assistance of mind smoothing music in a room gently saturated with smell of aromatherapy oil. This therapy will peace senses, give beatitude, release endorphines, which soften pain, gives feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

masaż dźwiękiem

Tibetan bowls sound massage - using the sound bowls, which ring contains in good frequencies for human organism. Sound of those extraordinary instruments bring into internal peace, help with release from negative emotions, stimulate organisms auto-regulation procedures. Right after the massage you will feel lightness, bigger resistance to stress.

Aromatherapy massage - using carefully selected ethereal oils.
Aromatherapy is an art of nurture body and improving mood with floral ethereal components. This technique has roots in ancient times. It has got influence at every aspects of life: outlook, psycho-physical being and favors building harmonic relationships with environment.
After aromatherapy massage you can achieve balance manifested by external and internal beauty. Thanks to individually selected ethereal oils you will invite relax to your everyday life, your mood will improve and your body will recover its natural beauty.