bowls & gongs

Therapy with bowls and gongs


GongBath - unique and original, every time different journey on gongs and bowls sound waves. Bouquet of sounds which is born from combination of those extraordinary instruments derived from ancient times will provide you at least deep relax, let you take a distance from absorbing problems.
People regularly participating in my sessions, both - individual and group, noticed immunity improvement, increased self-judgment and optimism, also increased efficiency in taken actions.


GongShow - mini concert with bowls, gongs and other extraordinary instruments. Also dance with gong show.
Gongs, bowls and rings sound from centuries accompanied important events. I offer their sound in form of concert, short dance with gong show as attraction of:

  • integration events for companies
  • banquets
  • vernissages
  • opening ceremonies
  • other events,
to which sounds of those unique instruments will give extraordinary and original character.


SomaSound - my combination of massage and gong & bowls sound therapy. This technique gives very effective release from stress effects, blockades, increases organism regeneration, assists achieving homeostases. There are three kinds of SomaSound:

  • healing massage + bowls sound therapy
  • bioenergetic massage + bowls sound therapy
  • relaxing massage + bowls sound therapy
My clients considered this unique procedures combination as more effective than separated sound therapy and massage.


  • cardiac pacemaker
  • first pregnancy trimester and last month before term
  • psychoactive drugs
  • acute inflammation
  • from your GP

Events with my input:

In years 2000-2005 I was developing my gongs and bowls skills by playing at side of Don Conreaux giving many concerts, performances as well as therapeutic sessions called Gong Bath in many cities of Poland, including:

  • Warszawa - Biblioteka Narodowa’
  • Warszawa - Club „Jazzgot” przy Pałacu Kultury,
  • Kraków - „Piwnica pod Baranami”,
  • Kraków - Szkoła Muzyczna,
  • Poznań - Club „Blue Not”,
  • Szczecin - National Library,
  • Ostrów Wlkp. - „Etno-Eko Fest” Festival,
  • Cieszyn - Church of the Sacred Heart, Film Festival „Era New Horizons”,
  • Kazimierz Dolny – Parish Church,
  • Białystok - County Culture Center "Spodki".

and many performances in both concert halls and nature...