2008-05 Newlyweds

of natural therapies

Since 1998 I am a professional masseuse and I offer wide range of services in the field of natural therapies. Fascination with massage lead me to very interesting form of therapy witch usage of Tibetan bowls and gongs. I am Institute fr Klang- Massage - Therapie (Peter Hess) and Certificate of Completion Mysterious Tremendum Gong Master Training (Don Conreaux) certified therapist.
Responding to my clients needs, I`ve created my own method SomaSound, which is a combination of professional massage and bowls & gongs sound therapy.

To emanate with beauty and harmony, in addition to a sufficient amount of sleep, a varied diet, cared image and continuous personal development, it is important how we feel our body.

That is why I`ve developed for you a number of methods, from which everyone of you can pick something for yourself:

  • biomassage - combination of professional massage and biomassage gives comfort to tight muscles and stimulation of biological active spots which release from psycho-physical blockades.
  • relaxing massages: - subtle massage made in assistance of mind smoothing music in a room gently saturated with smell of aromatherapy oil. This therapy will peace senses, give beatitude, release endorphines, which soften pain, gives feeling of happiness and satisfaction.
  • anticellulite massage - carried out using specialized techniques, oils and creams containing active ingredients. Improves the microcirculation, stimulates lipolysis, oxygenates and nourish the tissues. Body after the procedure is firm and velvet. To get the best results among others, I have chosen organic Femi cosmtics, which are produced from carefully selected ingredients.
  • healing massage - a professional massage therapy to assist healing body disorders.
  • bowls sound massage - using sound bowls, which sound frequencies is beneficial to human body. Sounds of those extraordinary instruments will bring you into internal peace, facilitate the release from negative emotions, stimulate the processes of body self-regulation. After the massage you will feel lightness.
  • SomaSound - my combination of massage and gong & bowls sound therapy. This technique gives very effective release from stress effects, blockades, increases organism regeneration, assists achieving homeostases.

In addition to the described individual therapies I also offer concerts in form of GongShow and GongBath

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