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Litotherapy is a healing method which use semi-precious stones and precious stones.


Known and used for thousands of years. Therapeutical properties of stones were used by Romans, Greeks, Egyptians. Nowadays the scientists discovered, that human body is built of crystalline forms. The crystal structure in our organism have for example: fat tissue, lymph and blood. But it isn`t over. In minerals are the same bio-elements which are in the humans body chemical compounds. That is why the stones have beneficial effects on our health.

Each stone works differently for a person. Thats why individual mineral matching is so important. The same stone can have possitive impact for one person and don`t work at all for another. For example, for individuals vulnerable to stress, especially those who like to worry before the problem occurs, malachite, emerald and other green stones will be helpful. When we haven`t got strength to go on, or we need an impulse to activate immune system and fight disease, the best choice will be garnet, ruby, hematite. During mountain trips, you might look for mountain crystals that have great energy and strengthening properties.

Thanks to different properties, stones have got many uses. We can treat chosen mineral as amulet and wear as jewelry or in pocket, packed in sack. The stone that is indicated to make positive influence on us, should be wear near body. The minerals are also used to make elixirs by putting stones into glass of water, which should be left on sun or moon light for six hours. The stones were used during wine, juices production for the precipitation of harmful deposits. Properly matched by action and shape mineral can be used to massage acupressure points located on hands and feet. But over all they work on energetic centers, so called chakras, which in Easter medicine are used as points corresponding to endocrine glands, organs, emotions. Stones associated to chakras have thot same color.
Stones often takes energy from outside, so sick person can transfer disease energy on it. Stones quickly pollute and their healing properties are disrupted. To strengthen their natural energy, we should clean them.

Minerals working on energy centers - chakras

  1. CHAKRA ONE, located in coccyx area, responsible for material part of existence. Assigned to red color. The stones: jasper, garnet, ruby.
  2. CHAKRA TWO, is related to orange color, located in genital area, connected with sexuality, creativity. The stones: karneol, amber.
  3. CHAKRA THREE located in solar plexus area. Is the center of human strength. Emanates with yellow color. The stones: lemon, heliodor and other yellow colored.
  4. CHAKRA FOUR, located near heart, responsible for love, emanates with pink color. The stone: rose quartz.
  5. CHAKRA FIVE, related to pharynx area, decides about communicability and way of expression in life. Its color is blue. The stones: lapis-lazuli, chalcedony.
  6. CHAKRA SIX, so called "third eye", located between eye brows. Responsible for over-senses perception, intuition. Its color is indigo. The stone: amethyst.
  7. CHAKRA SEVEN, located in the crown area. Responsible for transcendence, getting to higher level of existence, contact with God. Emanates with white color. The stone: mountain Cristal.


How to choose proper stone

  1. Using your intuition
    From stones with interesting properties we should pick one, which we like the most. We should use are senses to decide: touch and sight.
  2. According to the zodiac sign
    If we don`t trust our intuition enough, good method to pick the proper stone will be using zodiac sign.

  3. Zodiac sighStone
    Ariessapphire, opal, amethyst
    Taurusagate, emerald, pearl
    Geminiemerald, beryl
    Cancerkarneol, garnet
    LeoRubin, onyx
    Virgojasper, chrysolite
    Libraaquamarine, jasper
    ScorpioTopaz, malachite
    Sagittariusturquoise, obsidian
    CapricornMountain crystal, opal
    Aquariusgarnet, sapphire
    Pisceschrysolite, milfoil

  4. According to color
    The mineral can be chosen by matching color of jewelery with favorite clothes. Example: if our favorite pendant is the one with lemon, it fits to yellow and orange color of clothes. It also means that we need constant feeling that we are in good communication with the environment.
  5. According to shape
    Sharp-ended mineral will emit energy with its end, like a laser. Spheric one will take and give energy devoted evenly.
  6. Thermal method
    Other way to pick stone is test, will the minerals temperature quickly increase. If it stays cold - we need to keep looking.
  7. According to stones symbolics and properites
    If you don`t like described methods, you can use table which lists the stones and their meaning.

Sapphirepurity and immortality
onyxmental balance, moderates neurological issues
opalnourishes and vitalize body, strengthen positive thinking
amethystboth - spiritual and physical purity, fairly exercised authority; its also the best stone for people with alcohol problems, helps with insomnia and migraines
agateensures fidelity, recommended for pregnant women
emeraldvitality, strength and happiness
pearlfacilitates purification of the body of toxins
ambertriggers memories, helps in upper air ways inflammation
karneoluseful in fever, blood poisoning, sciatic nerve inflammation
garnetalmadyn is red one, activates reproductive organs, heps in anemia, gives faith in success
Rubinstrengthens courage and love
Jasperis also known as the stone of victory
chryzokolafemale stone, helps in female hormonal system regulation
aquamarinebrings richness and joy
topazbrings us more light and satisfaction in life, enhances concentration and power of will, gives strength to heart
malachitepurifies the body, improves your ability to concentrate, strengthens the body's immunity
turquoiseprotects against bad fate and accident, ensure happiness, gives comfort
obsidianreinforces masculinity
mountain cristalperfect neutraliser, has wide application
hematite (milfoil)helpful in blood issues, activates life forces and helps to overcome opposed fate. Recommended to people living in constant stress - on the one hand, strengthens the body, on the other helps in keeping one's head.
diamondfrom Greek adamas and means unsubdued, unbroken, the symbol of eternal love


Is not only beautiful, but also unrepeatable. With a little bit of imagination, few basic materials and stones I can create almost every part of jewelery. When I am making it, I`m looking for harmony of form and operate with color using noble stones which have extraordinary properties.
In newest collection "Crystallos" I used mountain Cristal called eternal ice. In ancient time it was said, that this stone has supernatural origin. People believed, that those are parts of ice from the top of the mountain changed by the gods into stone. Melting icicles and cracking panels of ice on lake became me inspiration. I combined solid stone with silver drops and crystalline simple forms. Thats how collection which is binding first rays of spring sun with ice cristal was created. This stone refreshes, soothes and cools during the hot weather.

Anna Orska - chief jewelery designer, W.KRUK,
A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan,
Doctor of Arts in jewelry designing.


It is combined of acupressure, aromatherapy and thermotherapy. Stones used in massage should be put in hot oil for ten minutes, so they can have proper temperature and keep it during the massage. Warm noble stones massage is not only a relax for muscles but also harmonizes chakras. The procedure should began on feet and end on them. Massage is performed on naked, or covered with towel body. Masseuse put stones on it. Usually gently pressing the back, forehead and hands, which are energetic points. Then she make a massage with warmed oil, starting on feet, through back to arms, from front to back. Masseuse slides stones on oiled body. After the massage the patient should lie for 5-10 minutes in peace, covered, so he can slowly come back to reality. You should not wash your body after the procedure, because it absorbs the beneficial properties of the oil up to 6 hours.

The use of precious stones in massage:

  • Relax: awanturyn, blue quartz, chryzokola, nephrite, rose quartz, black turmalin.
  • Decreasing internal tension: amethyst, fluorite, magnesite, mszysty agate, obsidian, smoky quartz.
  • Balancing and harmonizing: agate, amazonit, amber, nephrite, serpentine.
  • Activating and equaling energy flow: mountain cristal, hematite, red jasper, obsidian, zieliony and black turmalin.
  • Sedative: amazonit, awanturyn, blue quartz, agate mszysty, serpentine.
  • Mood increasing: amber, orange kalcyt, lemon, sunny stone.
  • Purifying body: amazonite, amber, blue chalcedony, fluorspar, nephrite green turmaline.
  • Good lymph flow: aquamarine, amber, blue chalcedony, heliotrope, magnesite.
  • Skin regeneration: agate, amethyst, awanturyn, mountain cristal, fluoryte, rodonite, rose cristal.
  • Aby uzyskać poprawę krążenia krwi, najczęściej wykorzystuje się: hematyt, jaspis czerwony, mookait, obsydian, rodonit, kwearc różowy.

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