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Is it possible to do at one time:

relax and heal? Of course it is.


- I have been making many different kinds of massage for ten years - Katarzyna Jeleń Pszkit (at the picture) says, masseuse and certified sound therapist by Peter Hess method.
- However, I felt unsatisfied. I was looking for something more, wondering, how to help the patient better. Two years ago I was visited by lady, who had left leg and hand paresis. My treatments increased her physical condition, but I knew that she is sad and breached. After the massage I took Tibetan bowl into my hand and played on it. My patient smiled, closed eyes and felt asleep for a while. She told me: "That was what I needed". And I felt, that I have found answer for burning one questions. I have experimented - to every massage adding sound of bowls, figuring out proper proportions, so both techniques could be complementary and mutually supportive.

Releasing tensions

Katarzyna Jeleń-Pszkit called her new procedure "Soma-Sound" (latin soma means body). She begins by talking to the patient: what matters him, what does he expect from masseuse and from life. Also his mood and psychical condition are important.
- Before the procedure I ask patient to think a dream - Ms Katarzyna smiles. - I discovered that bowl vibration gave us strength, we begin to believe that we can achieve dreamed purpose and be happy. Perhaps that is because those sounds are unlocking blockades and limitations in our psyche.

The proper part of session therapist begin with classical massage of the back, which releases mild muscle tensions.
- I try to make it as painless as possible. I prefer to make longer massage of some parts, than make something quickly and painfully. In everyday life everyone experience stress, so massage should be pleasant. I use many techniques: gentle and deep rubbing, kneading, pinching, patting. I use only organic floral oil mixed with ethereal oil.

Healing vibrations

after healing massage the therapist make sound therapy. Matching proper bowls depends on needs: she uses different one when the patient is uptight, different when excited. She puts bowls on the body or holds above it and gently hits it. Sounds and vibrations reach cells, tune them to proper vibrations. It is told, that bowls have all sounds, that human body and psyche need to work well. They work physically: relaxing muscles, unblocking nervous connections, activating organism to self-healing; and psychically: bringing peace and comfort.

In some procedures the therapist use gong instead of bowls. The choice depends on her intuition - she can feel does the patient need deep, sharp, strong sounds.

Two in one

The procedure takes about one hour. It`s especially effective as support for insomnia treatment, depression, neuroses, chronic fatigue, migraine, pains, diseases of internal organs. Everyone can try this kind of therapy, contraindications are only: first pregnancy trimester, advanced neoplastic disease, fever, unregulated hypertension, psychotropic drugs prescribed by MD.
- Of course I offer to my clients also classical massage and bowls massage as individual procedures - Ms Katarzyna adds - However most of them decides for SomaSound. The patients are joking, that nowadays, when life is very fast, they choose "two in one"..

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text and photo: ANNA FORECKA