Together with visage artists from Make Up Institute Stockholm from Szczecin we have created the one and only in the world scale project Fluro-Show, named "Elements Manifestation".

This unrepeatable Light - Move - Sound performance is unique combination of fluoro make-up, dance and sound of Tibetan gongs and bowls

  • Music project and its implementation on Tibetan bowls, gongs and rings, also dance: Katarzyna Jeleń Pszkit;
  • Fluoro make-up project and implementation: Ewa Winiarska;
  • Dance and cooperation in fluoro make-up: Agnieszka Żułowska;
  • Choreography, dance: Agnieszka Dolecka.

For the first time the artists performed at October 2008 in Stockholm during world body-painting competition.

We have also performed in the basement of Szczecin`s main railway station. Our presentation has been described as:

On Monday, 28th November, occasional concert was performed in the shelter. With extraordinary fluoro-show and sounds of Tibetan bowls we wanted to say thank you to our sympathizers and friends of our Szczecin Underground Tourist Routes project, because this support helped us to collect two prestige awards, which we have already informed you.

The first attraction, which our guests could experience was performance named "Elements Manifestation" prepared by Katarzyna Jeleń Pszkit "Catherine Wings Project" and Make Up Institute from Szczecin. It was a unique show, combined of body-painting art and music of Tibetan bowls and gongs. On stage presented: Katarzyna Jeleń Pszkit (also bowls and gongs player), Agnieszka Dolecka and Agnieszka Żułowska. All ladies performed in fluoro make-up made by Ewa Winiarska from Make Up Institute.

During tours in the shelter we always tell our tourists about "shining" walls, which - these days - is hardly possible to see. This time thanks to big UV reflectors we had opportunity to admire original shining stripes drown through all length of tunnel. It made big impression on our guests and ourself.

It also inspired us to an idea about new presentation of the shelter values during tours with "Fluoro-party" as a kind of integration events in the shelter.

Many thanks to artists for their wonderful performances and a number of you for coming here and shown support.

I invite you to watch interview in TV7 from 29th January 2009 about FluoroShow - available at TV7 website and as a file to download.

You are welcome to participate in next performances of Fluro group.