Cosmetic massages

Cosmetic massage performed for smoothing, firming, improving flexibility of skin and subcutaneous tissue (usually using the formulations of supporting the mechanical action of the massage). The skin is stimulated and nourished by the blood and lymph. Therefore, cosmetic massage regenerates your skin as well as the soul - after all beauty is kind of reflection of the inner you. Massage will also relax you.

Massage the face, neck and decollete - a kind of mechanical action using carefully selected movements on the skin and underlying tissue, muscles and organs. Maintains elasticity of the muscles and skin, prevents wrinkles formation.
Massage is also a great stand-alone procedure. During the massage I choose the appropriate cosmetics for treatment and thus it`s a great way for nutrition and hydration of the skin. Massage is also one of the elements of various treatments such as regenerating, nourishing, anti-wrinkle.

NOREL LIFT - is an intense massage, also including the neck, decollete and head. After the massage more tension on the muscles of the face is felt and the skin looks rested, rejuvenated and regenerated.

Facial lymphatic drainage - a special kind of massage which stimulates the lymph circulation, helps metabolism and improves excretion of waste products.

Asian massage with brushes – used alone or as an interesting finish of therapeutic massage. During the procedure I use brushes with natural bristles, with carefully selected formulations. Massage gives a feeling of total relaxation and is an interesting experience.

Cooling - warming massage – intensifies the effects of cosmetics, provides comfort and relaxation. Is performed using a special device. This treatment is also recommended for "vascular" skin - is gymnastics for vessels that under the action of alternating hot and cold expand and shrink.

Semi-precious stones massage - improves mood, relaxes.

Is performed with semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli, amazonite, rhyolite, rock crystal. The stones are cold, have the effect of energy.

Shell massage - very pleasant, perfectly relaxing massage of the face, neck and decollete performed with smooth in touch shells. Background music with the sounds of the sea will help your deep relaxation, muscle relaxation will and smoothing the skin.

Honey massage – vitalizing, firming, rejuvenating and stimulating the facial muscles and smoothing color and restoring skin radiance.

It is performed with the use of honey, has a strong purifying and stimulating effect on the skin. It relaxes, delays the appearance of wrinkles, stimulates muscles. Due to the antibacterial and healing properties of honey is recommended for oily skin, prone to blackheads and pimples.