Femi body treatment

Laboratorium Farmaceutyczno - Kosmetyczne FEMI professional treatments represent the leading Spa & Wellness trend. This trend meets the need of modern man who seeks harmony of the body and the mind. The creators of beauty treatments and home care products derive from the tradition of ancient care rituals, destined for the rulers of imperial and royal courts in the world, benefiting from ancient, medical knowledge of East and referring to the esoterics of the people of Asia, Africa and South America.

Natural peels, masks, rich in natural substances of plant origin, organic face and body massage oils, essential oils complexes, together create precisely formulated, luxury beauty treatments. Such treatments soothe subtle senses of the most sensitive and demanding. Inhaling delicate scents, silky touch of masks and oils during extremely pleasant massages, has a deep, relaxing effect on the body and mind. Cosmetic procedures not only enrich the skin, but also the whole organism with necessary for health substances (minerals, peptides, vitamins, enzymes, unsaturated fats) and the air in the beauty parlor, changed by the essential oils, leads to bliss, releases endorphins and brings pleasurable feelings. (Femi)

Made with organic Femi cosmetics, which finesse, biocompatibility with our skin, perfect mach of active ingredients causes, that effectiveness and durability of achieved effects amazes me positively, bringing satisfaction with the work done.
They are combined of four parts, performed in harmonious atmosphere:

  • peeling - get rid of epidermis ballast, at this stage clients can already see how smooth the skin is.
  • aromatherapy massage - relaxing and preparing skin to renew
  • mask - detoxing and nourishing
  • mixture - individually combined for your skin needs, so you can enjoy your firmed, elastic, smooth skin for a long time.

"Terra Rosa" - detoxing anti-cellulite treatment with clay, smooths and firms the skin. The effect of smooth and delicate, beauty emanating skin.

Anti-cellulite treatment, associated with Wood element, supporting liver and gall bladder. Designed for people with fat tissue metabolism problems. Range: thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms, aromatherapy back massage.

Cosmetics used in the treatment include minerals complex (compounds of silicon, calcium and manganese) which help to drain, detox and oxygenate the skin. Anti-cellulite massage with Centella asiatica oil stimulates microcirculation, rebuilds collagen and elastin. Essential oils of nutmeg sage, geranium and jasmine in the composition Penelope, restore confidence, fulfilling your body with a pleasant warmth.

Beautiful as Venus - regenerative and lifting treatment associated with water element, will make your sensitive skin softer and your body firmed. Brings harmony for your senses and emotion as well.

In that procedure especially important next to peeling and massage is Mask Beautiful as Venus with is very pleasant and creamy (contains extracts of cocoa beans, turmeric rhizome, goji berries and jojoba oil and also known as an aphrodisiac essential oil of ylang-ylang), gently but effectively shapes the body, stimulates regeneration and prevents skin aging.

"Innocenta" - moisturizing and firming treatment for breast and decolletage. Effect of regeneration and strengthening connective tissue is firm breasts and skin like silk.

Treatment for breast and decolletage. Procedures designed for those body parts are getting more and more popular. Taking care of such important attribute of femininity increases self-esteem. Treatment is performed with assistance of wonderful essential oils composition "Citrus Paradise". Smell of fruits and citrus flowers refreshes and cheers. Aromatherapy breast, shoulder girdle, arms and decolletage massage deeply relaxes the body, making penetration of valuable organic compounds deep into the skin much easier.

"Light like a butterfly" - treatment for "heavy legs" - supporting elimination of lymphatic stasis and edema. Effect: smoothed, moisturized, tension free, light, slimmed legs.

"Velvet hands" - rejuvenating, regenerating, relaxing treatment for hands skin. The skin stays moisturized and flexible, also released from adding years discoloration.

"With dedication for your beauty" - treatment with individually set firming, moisturizing and rejuvenating program.