Norel body treatments

With cosmetics made by Cosmetic Laboratory Norel dr Wilsz. First time in Poland, in cosmetics recipe Tocotrienole - the most powerful of antioxidants - were used.

"Pregnancy spa - peeling, firming and moisturizing treatment for future moms. It provides relax relax to mother as well as to baby. Skin after treatment is moisturized, firmed, cellulite and legs edema are reduced.

Effectively eliminates issues, that happens to most pregnant women: tension back pain, heaviness of legs and whole body.
It`s priceless as a form of both prevention and therapy of already existing cellulite and stretch marks. Procedure is composed of two stages performed alternately once per week or two.

Detoxing 100% therapeutic mud - detoxing, regenerating, decreases pain, rejuvenating.
Range: back, arms, knees, feet.

Performed around congestion, degenerative changes, heel spurs and as rejuvenating therapy. Thanks to healing properties of therapeutic mud, this procedure is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, detoxing, regenerative to body in places, which we usually care about less, however they also can tell your age and organism condition.

Modeling, slimming - algae plastic mask.
Range: arms, thighs, abdomen, buttocks. Effect of this session: firming, skin detoxification, strengthening connective tissue. Skin gets more elastic and nicely moisturized.

This treatment is perfect for those, who are on slimming diet, after childbirth and rapid weight loss.

Chocolate body wrapping - modeling, slimming, cellulite reducing, firming treatment. After procedure the body is flexible, firmed and modeled. Range: arms, thighs, abdomen, buttocks.

Pleasant for all senses treatment which will remind you carefree childhood, thanks to chocolate which is main ingredient in this procedure. During session endorphin will have positive impact at your psyche, giving you great mood. Chocolate helps to reduce circuits of body by speeding up fat loss, in also has anti-cellulite properties thanks to microcirculation stimulation.