face treatments

Performed using organic cosmetics from Cosmetic Laboratory "Femi". Long-term effects of these treatments are composed of: handpicked preparations and their effectiveness, as well as biocompatibility with the skin, making work more precisely than other cosmetics. In the course of a full face treatment used is approx. 10 - 15 cosmetics so your skin is provided a real cocktail of nutrients. The treatments are relaxing and regenerating not only the face, neck and décolleté but harmonises mind, emotions and body, allowing you to enter a state of mental well-being.

„Beautiful as a rose” - treatment for sensitive, capricious, shallowly vascularized, over-responsive to stimuli skin. Relieves and nourishes the skin of women of all ages and restores its vitality thanks to the healing properties of rose, a symbol of feminine beauty. The skin becomes supple, strong and less reactive.

In cosmetics, used in this treatment wealth of natural ingredients is hidden such as: vitamins, including C and PP rejuvenating effect (stimulating the synthesis of collagen), bioflavonoids (strengthening capillaries, preventing breakage of fragile capillaries), a complex of essential oils from rose and chamomile, coenzyme Q10 obtained from vegetables, and vitamin E to protect against free radicals.

„Madame eco” - an exclusive regenerating treatment for mature, demanding women with tired skin. The skin after treatment becomes rejuvenated, with a profound lifting effect, smooth, firm, crisp, taut and moisturized.

Cosmetics applied during this session are rich in organic ingredients: phytohormones, an extract from the Arctic peat, plant peptides, ceramides and vitamins derived from fresh donuts beech and lily Clinton borealis, liquorice extract, rosemary and plant proline.
Sophisticated composition of the essential oils contained in preparations will give you refreshes, adds joyful energy, creates a sense of comfort and elegance.

„Laura” - the ideal treatment for hypersensitive lipophilic moisturizing dry skin, prone to irritation and vessels cracking. After the treatment the skin not only looks great but also the mind is refreshed and a good mood will stay with you for a long time.

Cosmetics used in the treatment are rich in valuable oils, ions, amino-acids and sugars that are strengthening the lipid layer, protecting against the escape of water from the skin and effectively slow down the process of aging. The complex of essential oils contained in silky mask soothes and calms the hypersensitive skin leaving a pleasant feeling of comfort and security.

„Hydrofructis” - nourishing treatment which permanently moisturizes and renews every type of skin exposed to stress or excessive urban UV rays. The treatment prevents discoloration and perfectly renews mature skin, tired and immunocompromised, leaving it smooth, moisturized, radiant natural freshness.

The wealth of amino-acids refreshes the skin, renewing its vitality. Plant extracts rejuvenates by eliminating free radicals and protects the skin from harmful external factors. After the session you feel loads of joyful energy.

„Magic touch” - relaxing treatment for the eye area. Relieves tired eyes, brightens, reduces lymphoedema, smooths wrinkles, reduces the sensitivity of the eye inflammation.

The procedure developed by Norel is composed of color therapy, lymphatic massage and energizing properties of semi-precious stones, as well as the interaction of the cosmetics used.