Acid treatments

Peeling Treatment with Almond

is designed for all skin types, face as well as body. People tanning in the sun and solarium, one with problem with weak and moderate acne vulgaris or tendency to discoloration as well as poorly tolerating other acid treatments are those who will benefit most from the procedure. This can be done throughout the year, even in summer, without the risk of over-sensitivity and discoloration of the skin when exposed to the sun. Prevents photo-aging and makes the skin more resistant and less sensitive to UV rays. (Natinuel)

  • loss of tension, flexibility, hydration
  • unifying skin tone and tan
  • delicate skin inflammation
  • folliculitis
  • rejuvenated, smooth
  • tense or reclaimed
  • unified skin tone
  • muted inflammation
  • increased skin barrier
    Frequency of treatments:
  • As treatment: 8-12 procedures
  • One-time: 1-2 times a month
  • Treatment can be performed throughout the year without restrictions on the time of year (also in summer)

Treatment with fruit acids from Rejuvi

Rejuvie Fruit Complex is an innovative technology that contains several different alpha-hyfroxy acids including betahydroxy acid characterized by the following:

  • tremendous benefits from a combination of alpha acids and beta-hydroxy
  • Fruit Complex uses acids and their esters to achieve perfect level of safety and comfort during the treatment,
  • Fruit Complex contains a unique carrier - liposomes - to minimize irritation of the skin and its dryness.

Rejuvi Fruit Complex is available in two options. First one is comparable to the traditional solution of 25% glycolic acid. Second one is comparable to the traditional 35% glycolic acid solution.

Higher concentrations are used by dermatologists and experienced beautician. Fruit complex is the base of Rejuvi treatment. It is used to: smooth the skin, reduce pores and hyperpigmentation regulation of sebum secretion, reduce wrinkles, etc.

Very often Rejuvu Fruit Complex is associated with a variety of other professional treatments Rejuvi.

Discoloration whitening treatment

Rejuvi Skin Whitening Treatment combines Lightening Treatment, Fruit Complex and Whitening Formula to achieve the synergistic effect of improving skin tone and pigmentation and is a solutions to problems such as dark spots around eyes. At present it is the most effective treatment.

Rejuvi Lightening Treatment contains a valuable pearl powder and complex of multiple anti-oxidants enclosed in a sealed vial for maximum effect. That is the reason why Rejuvi Lightening Treatment provides immediate improvement in skin tone within 30 minutes. Tyrozynoza is a special enzyme, which is a catalyst for the production of melanin. Building melanin becomes very slow with lower activity of the enzyme, thus its inhibition is one of the most advanced anti-pigmentation techniques. To tell more, wheat spores extract was discovered. It delays melanogenesis and is used to produce light colored pigment (pheomelanin). This is the latest anti-pigmentation technique. Rejuvi Whitening Formula can block tyrosinase with licorice extract and wheat germ extract as well as concentrated antioxidants to achieve better effect. Furthermore Rejuvi Complex is used to facilitate the penetration of Formula Whitening.

Treatment of mild exfoliation

Rejuvi Milk Peel uses natural extract from the curd, salicylic acid, papaya enzyme and a special penetration controller. Rejuvi Milk Peel provides a safe skin exfoliation process without side effects often associated with phenol and TCA. This method is suitable for most types of skin. Combines the advantages of Rejuvi Fruit Complex and Rejuvi Peeling Formula and is remarkably better than any AHA treatment. Results are the following: skin elasticity, color and smoothness improves, wrinkles are reduced . For dark skin weekly procedures are recommended.

Deep exfoliation treatment

Rejuvi Peeling Formula can be used to achieve a deep and visible exfoliation.
Rejuvi Deep Milk Peel exfoliates more skin layers than Rejuvi Gentle Milk Peel. Consequently, it is effective for severe skin problems such as wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks and pigmentation. It can be applied to the entire face or selected problematic areas. It is suitable for thin and delicate skin.
Generally, deep peeling treatment should not be performed in the heat of summer. Not recommended for deep peeling more than 2 times a year, or more than once every six months. Exception: acne scars. For such cases monthly schedule in combination with other complementary treatments is recommended.
Before performing deep exfoliation it is recommended to take two gentle exfoliation treatments.