The passion for beauty I expressed through gongs and bowls performances. Over time the sound was correlated with color and became more tangible. They revealed in attractive female that I create thanks to art of make-up. Because each and every one of you deserves to emanate with what is most beautiful.


Make Up no Make Up
Business for day and evening
evening Smoky
for New Year's Eve with skin care
wedding makeup
wedding makeup - trial


    First meeting - 4 h
  • color analysis, learning about your personal color range
  • assessing the shape of the face
  • selection of the proper cosmetics for personality type
  • selection of color cosmetics
  • makeup refreshing
  • makeup fixation
  • "face modeling" technique
  • learning about daily and evening makeup
    The second meeting
  • make-up step-by-step
  • daily makeup tutorial
  • evening make-up tutorial
  • pictures before and after the make-up
  • establishing a list of cosmetics


Everything that surrounds us is a riot of colors which interacts strongly with us and our mood.
Your image not only affects how others perceive you, but how you perceive yourself as well. When you look nice, you feel more confident, attractive and bolder. A "look good" means to be able to assess situation, be able to adapt to circumstances, have own style and know the best colors that will emphasize your beauty.

Therefore, take advantage of professional color analysis which consists of choosing the colors of clothes, cosmetics and color accessories.

  • determining the range of colors (wardrobe and make-up)
  • day or evening makeup

Meeting approx. 2.5 hours - 3 hours


Eyelash Extensions by 1: 1

The highest level of perfection in extending and thickening lashes by 1: 1
Treatments are performed by professional stylists and lasts 2-3 hours.
Our eyelashes will give your eyes a new character and optically widen them.

Set your spontaneous spirit free using a wide range of colored mascara!
We will make your eyes look in a new, improved way. Open your eyes to the world.

Quick Look Hollywood Lashes

Quick Look is the result of a naturally elongated, extremely dense eyelashes. It is an option for women who value their time and want to give their eyes a unique expression. It is a method to be used on a daily basis as well as for special occasions, i.e. before weddings, special events, holidays or photo sessions. The effect lasts for about two weeks.