Ella Bache rituals

Ella Bache is a professional cosmetic brand that was founded in 1936 in Paris.

Its maker was Madame Bache who was a pharmacist graduated from Budapest University. She is the one who made many innovative discoveries including first usage of allantoin as well as hyaluronic acid and fruit acids and lycopene in modern cosmetology.

Pharmacists and technologists from Ella Bache Laboratory introduced many other valuable ingredients such as Quinoa extract and extract from matrix non-GM soy (known as Fabanina) to modern cosmetology.

All treatments are accompanied with welcoming massage. This mystical connection with the client by putting her in a state of tranquility and relaxation is, at the same time, a preparation for treatment. Thanks to an efficient and extremely effective care program created by Ella Bache a cosmetic procedure is much more than just a skin care...



Time: 1h 30 min.

2 versions - with or without ultrasounds.

Intensively regenerating and anti-wrinkle treatment for mature skin is a secret of eternal youth and was taken from the treasures of nature from all over the world. Based on the nutritional substances derived from olive oil, which for centuries was identified with longevity. Provides strong nutrition, regeneration, stimulates skin renewal and reduces the signs of aging. The treatment is distinguished by an exotic massage assisted with magical properties of the qi gong sounds that will bring you into a state of deep relaxation.



PURIFIANT INTENSIF - purifying and normalizing

Treatment for different kinds of skins. Starting with mixed on very oily and problematic (that needs cleaning and visible results) ending. With specially selected active ingredients the skin is cleaned, stabilized, and the so-called sebaceous glands narrowed. This treatment also soothes, nourishes and eliminates shine so that the skin becomes mat.

Time: 1h



Time: 1h 15 min

The treatment is based on the highest quality organic ingredients. Organic green coffee stimulate microcirculation in the skin, intensive nourishment thanks to barley extract which is rich in vitamins and minerals, and sweet clover and elderberry will regenerate the skin. The skin after the procedure will be refreshed, smooth and revitalized.



Czas: 40 min


Brightening, smoothing, against the signs of fatigue.