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RevitaLash® Advanced

RevitaLash® Advanced is a global leader in stimulating the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.

The most effective and safe supplement that stimulates growth of eyelashes and eyebrows in the world. Effects and safety were proven in multiple clinical trials.

New formula ensures RevitaLash® ADVANCED dazzling effects by acting faster than ever!

Athena Cosmetics who is a world leader in the development of innovative and functional cosmetics and who created back in 2006 the first conditioner stimulating growth of eyelashes and eyebrows RevitaLash, is pleased to announce a breakthrough in high-tech care of the eyelashes (presented in June 2011 in USA and in July 2011 in Poland) RevitaLash®ADVANCED newest formula. Its effects and safety has been confirmed by 5 independent research institutes. RevitaLash®Advanced is dermatologically and ophthalmologicly tested, does not cause allergies, does not cause irritation or change in color of the retina. The new more advanced and dense formula doesn`t allow the conditioner to ooze at surface of the eye and thus can be safely applied directly at the base of the eyelashes. Clinical tests show no effects on intraocular pressure of the eye or visual acuity. Composition of the latest RevitaLash® ADVANCED formula contains molecules more active, like: derivatives of unsaturated carboxylic acids, plant extracts i.e. Sabal minor, ginseng, green tea, wheat, marigold, complemented by action of the active nanopeptides that were developed by the team of Dr. Brinkenhoff.

Conditioner makes lashes become dramatically longer, thicker and more beautiful quicker then ever. In independent clinical trials, 90% of people said their lashes look better, and 97% of respondents confirmed improving in the appearance of lashes in just three weeks of application RevitaLash®Advanced. RevitaLash®Advanced is the answer to the dream of beautiful and long eyelashes available as a cosmetic easy to apply.

How to use?
RevitaLash®ADVANCED should be used in the evening after a thorough make-up remove, on pure (cleansed with water and a mild soap) and dry skin of the eyelids. A small amount of the cosmetic shall be put with a single move of the applicator just at the base of lashes. The product is also recommended after completion of chemotherapy. Conditioner can be used for prolonged and concentrated eyelashes, because it does not dissolve the adhesive.

Revitabrow® Advanced

Revitabrow® ADVANCED is eyebrow conditioner.

Another innovative product designed specifically to stimulate the growth of eyebrows, Revitabrow, has joined RevitaLash brand. Conditioner has the same active ingredients as Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner and additional plant extracts, ie. Ginseng, green tea, honeysuckle, marigold, wheat, Sabal minor. ADVANCED Revitabrow® helps to rebuild week and damaged because of hair removal or aging eyebrows. ADVANCED Revitabrow® is also recommended for women who have permanent makeup on their eyebrows. Spectacularly improves the appearance of eyebrows, making them darker, thicker and fuller.

How to use?
ADVANCED Revitabrow® shall be used daily on cleansed and dry skin with a special applicator. We put Revitabrow® ADVANCED using several strokes in the eyebrow area where we want them to become thicker, fuller and more beautiful.

Revitalash® Fineline Primer



Athena Cosmetics who is a world leader in the development of innovative and functional cosmetics and who created back in 2006 the first conditioner stimulating growth of eyelashes and eyebrows RevitaLash, is pleased to announce that the group of innovative products from RevitaLash was joined by a new product. Fineline RevitaLash® Primer - filling base for make-up, giving immediate effect of a smooth and elastic skin. Soft and silky emulsion developed to turn into a fantastic foundation, which will make the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin softer and less noticeable, improve facial contour, the skin will be smooth and elastic. Brown algae extract stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and is activated as the "scavenger" of free radicals, protects the skin against loss of elasticity and resilience. Capric triglyceride slows water loss by creating a special barrier on the skin surface. It uses spherical light reflection and diffuse effect of dry powder, which adds an effect of smooth skin and relaxed look. Immediately smoothes the surface of the skin, minimizes dark circles and imperfections. Fine lines and wrinkles become less visible and more delicate. At the same time the skin is smooth, elastic and soft.

Usage of RevitaLash ®FINELINE PRIMER
Wash your hands and face with your favorite cleanser and then thoroughly dry the skin. Note: Fineline Primer can be applied on top of the moisturizer. A small amount of Fineline Primer shall be applied on the target site such as "crow's feet", naso-labial folds and marionette lines. Leave the product for a while and then put everyday makeup. The product is dermatologically tested, clinically tested, hypoallergenic, with no irritating potential. The product has not been tested on animals.

RevitaLash® Volumizing Mascara

Mascara by Revitalash is an innovative one.

The special formulation of the product and the brush that was designed specifically to maximize the appearance of your lashes. They will look even better and more tempting than ever. Used together with Revitalash conditioner makes the results stunning.

RevitaLash® Perfect Primer

base under the ink

RevitaLash® Perfect Primer provides base for great look of your eyelashes

Perfect RevitaLash® Primer- nurtures and prepares lashes for mascara. Smoothes lashes which make applying mascara much easier. Cover lashes with silky matte formula so the ink sticks better. Blue color makes your eyes look bigger and shinier. Eye color highlights and enhances the color of the ink. Nourishes lashes and protects them from breaking.

Increases the effect of your lashes. Doubles the volume and curls eyelashes. Enhances the effect of mascara and prolongs its life.

How to use?
Apply a layer of RevitaLash® Perfect Primer and immediately after, when the base is still a bit wet, apply your favorite color by RevitaLash Mascara.

Hair Advanced by RevitaLash®

New !!!

Hair Advanced by RevitaLash® hair conditioner. Improve the appearance of rare and weak hair in a few weeks.

Developmed by ophthalmologist Michel Brinkenhoff, growth stimulating conditioner for eyebrows and eyelashes RevitaLash inspired further exploration. Subsequently the team of scientists mafe the product which would strengthen the hair of the scalp. Advanced Hair by RevitaLash® is a unique hair conditioner that strengthens and thickens, making the hair fuller and healthier. The product improves the appearance of rare and fragile hair. Just put two servings of foam on clean, damp hair and massage it into the scalp, where they appear thicker. Do not rinse. The product is composed of great amount of Japanese ginkgo, ginseng and wheat protein.