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Laboratorium Farmaceutyczno - Kosmetyczne FEMI professional treatments represent the leading Spa & Wellness trend. This trend meets the need of modern man who seeks harmony of the body and the mind. Natural peels, masks, rich in natural substances of plant origin, organic face and body massage oils, essential oils complexes, together create precisely formulated, luxury treatments. Procedures not only enrich the skin, but also the whole organism with necessary for health substances (minerals, peptides, vitamins, enzymes, unsaturated fats) and the air in, changed by the essential oils, leads to bliss, releases endorphins and brings pleasurable feelings. (Femi)

Touch of an Angel lux

– complex treatment of body, face and feet reflexology. Performed with exclusive, organic Femi cosmetics.

I start with feet reflexology and then massage front of the body. Subsequently massage of the back is performed and eventually face and head are taken care of. If that’s your wish I can put face mask selected to your type of skin.

Time: 2h 15min, with mask: 2h 45min. Price: 120€ 80€.
Price with mask: 140€ 100€


Relaxing massage with the Dreamy aroma therapeutic complex in base oil. For capricious, impatient people who have hypersensitive, dry skin with fragile capillaries. It calms down , brings harmonious mood, facilitates deep relaxation and full chest breathing, oxygenates the body and the mind. It soothes hypersensitivity of the skin and calms dilated capillaries.

Time: 1h 15min, Price: 70€ 50€

Honey massage

With natural honey. Perfectly peels epidermis and delivers extraordinary nutrients to the skin. It can be well used as massage that emphasize slimming, firming. It has quality of healing massage.

Time: (whole body): 1h 15min (+time for shower), Price: 70€ 55€
Legs and abdomen: 45min, Price: 50€ 40€

Chinese bulb massage

Used to eliminate cellulite, reduce stretch marks and supports the reduction of body fat during weight loss. This massage has analgesic effect for backache and muscular pain.

Time: (whole body) 1h, Price: 50€ Partial: 30-45min, 35€

Hot stones massage

– relaxing, revitalizing It is performed with heated volcanic stones and has strong relaxing effect. Regenerates and relaxes muscles.
After the procedure your body and mind will be rested, tense muscles will relax and you will remember for a long time pleasant feelings from this exotic massage.
It also has quality of healing massage.

Time: (whole body) 90min, Price 75€ 65€
Partial (back, neck, arms, head) 50min, Price: 50€ 30€

Massage with worm coco oil with head massage

Oil used in this procedure efficiently softens and improves dry, chapped and prone to eczema skin. It has antiseptic and moisturizing action as well. Used on head works as the wonderful mas which is best to be left for few hours.

Time: 1h 15min, Price: 75€ 65€

Massage with worm ginger oil

Perfect way to deal with cold, both out- and in-side. Improves mood, has firming and anti-cellulite action

Time: 1h 15min, Price: 75€ 65€.

Ritual with sound:

It is a unique ritual composed specially for your needs. You can pick your aromatherapy oil and procedures that will be performed during your ceremony.

    You can choose from:
  • Massage customised for your present needs combined with reflexology and sound massage
  • Body, face and head massage with sound massage

Time: 2h 15min, Price: 95€