About me

Since 1998 I work with professional massage. I offer different kinds of therapy: biomassage, classical, healing, honey massage. I have received qualifications to perform healing massage from prof. Jacek Lewandowski (Academy of Physical Education, Poznan). Techniques of biomassage, classical massage and Shiatsu were improved by me under the watchful eye of teachers from Natural Therapies department (SEE, Wroclaw).

My professional experience (especially in alternative medicine diagnosis increased by participation in series of seminars about Biodiagnostic and Biocorection conducted by prof. Walentyna Sazontiewa.

Fascination with massage lead me to very interesting and still novel form of massage with usage of sounds of bowls and gongs.

I have accomplished full series of training of sound massage and received Certificate Institute fur Klang - Therapie. In terms of sound therapy I was a trainee of Don Conreaux and underwent Certificate of Completion / Mysterious Tremendum / Gong Master Training.

In years 2000-2005 I was developing my gongs and bowls skills by playing at side of Don Conreaux giving many concerts, performances as well as therapeutic sessions called Gong Bath in many cities of Poland, including:

  • Warszawa - Biblioteka Narodowa’
  • Warszawa - Club „Jazzgot” przy Pałacu Kultury,
  • Kraków - „Piwnica pod Baranami”,
  • Kraków - Szkoła Muzyczna,
  • Poznań - Club „Blue Not”,
  • Szczecin - National Library,
  • Ostrów Wlkp. - „Etno-Eko Fest” Festival,
  • Cieszyn - Church of the Sacred Heart, Film Festival „Era New Horizons”,
  • Kazimierz Dolny – Parish Church,
  • Białystok - County Culture Center "Spodki".

Those concerts often had free-jazz character. With pleasure I played accompanying wonderful musicians like Krzystof Ścierański, Markek Bałata, Mikołaj Trzaska, Phila Minton, Peter Friis Nielsen.

Experience in massage and sound therapy has led me to my own method called SomaSound which is combination of massage and sound therapy with individual approach for the client needs.

Gongs, bowls and rings sound from centuries accompanied important events. Hence, I offer their sound in form of concert, short dance with gong show as attraction during: integration events for companies, banquets, vernissages, opening ceremonies, and other events for which sounds of those unique instruments will give extraordinary and original character.

In addition to natural therapies, sound therapy and physiotherapy I offer many treatments with use of organic cosmetics as well as novel technology.

In friendly atmosphere I offer full service in terms of body and face cosmetic treatments using professional cosmetics, i.e. for problematic skin, acids, dermocosmetics, aromatherapy exclusive massages.

To increase effectiveness of wink, discoloration removing and other problems with skin I use modern technologies.

Meeting my clients expectations I systematically enrich my offer. Gathered experience allows me to restore beauty and harmony regardless age because professional knowledge and experience is what matters at the end of the day.

The rhythm of my professional development was always induced by needs of my clients. In my work I use organic cosmetics, particularly appreciate Polish brand Femi which produces exclusive base oils, cosmetics for aromatherapy and creams.

My work philosophy had great influence on my private life.