2003-07-14 Your empire (Not only on muscles)

Not only on muscles


I have had rheumatic problems for twenty years - Mr Roman Nowak says - it was unbearable, since... my doctor recommended rolfing.

Mr Roman (72) from Poznan decided for rare in Poland massage called rolfing. It is different than classical, because it is made not only on muscles, but also on connective tissue, which surround muscles.

- This kind of massage was developed by U.S. biochemist, Ida Rolf - explains Katarzyna Jeleń, nurse, certified bioenergytherapist and masseuse from Poznan. - She noticed, that most of pain states is gone, when fascia covering muscles and connecting muscles to bones or tendons are properly massaged. Lesions, and thus pain, appears when connective tissue is too weak. Masseur should restore its natural strength, because then most of problems are gone.

- During first session I felt a little bit of pain - Mr Roman admits. - I felt my body was very hot inside. After the procedure I felt like I was vibrating. After next four sessions my body completely straighten, something odd happened with my muscles and skeleton. I was stronger, nothing hurts me. Today I`m joking, that I`m twenty years younger..

Rolfing is a healing massage. "By the way" it removes cellulite and slime, because it is made with strong movements. Massage shouldn`t be performed when you have high body temperature or inflammation. Pregnancy is contraindication. It last about one hour, but all depends on kind of disorder.

- During first meeting I observe the patient - Katarzyna Jeleń explains. - Body language, which is the way how we move, walk, sit talks a lot about our diseases. Than I know, which kind of massage I should use, so it could be effective.

Urszula Sanak
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