2006-11-08 Rewia Nr 45 (Massage called rolfing)

Massage called rolfing

I had problems with rheumatism for twenty years - Lucyna Majewicz from Poznan says. - With every weather change the joints pain became unbearable. I had problems with movement, I couldn`t take long walks. For all my life I lived work in garden, unfortunately I wasn`t able to dig, weed, plant. Doctor subscribed me some painkillers, but also advised me some kind of special massage. That was it! My problems are gone now and I enjoy my life.

Ms Lucyna decided at rare in Poland kind of massage, called rolfing. It is different than classical, because it is made not only on muscles, but also on connective tissue, which surround muscles and internal organs. - The massage took its name from the surname of Idy Rolf, biochemist from U.S., who developed a method for removing muscle contractures - explains Katarzyna Jele, nurse and masseuse from Poznan. - Ida Rolf noticed, that most of pain states is gone, when fascia covering muscles and connecting muscles to bones or tendons, and ligaments connecting bones to bones are properly massaged. Lesions, and thus pain, appears when connective tissue is too weak. Masseur should restore its natural strength, because then most of problems are gone - expert adds.

Rolfing is a healing massage. It helps in rheumatic, spine pains, degenerative changes in joints, internal organs diseases. "By the way" it removes cellulite and slime, because it is made with strong movements.

It is known as one of most difficult and most effective massage. After few sessions you can completely correct children and adults stature disorders. Thats why the masseuse need to have anatomical knowledge. - During first meeting I observe the patient - Katarzyna Jele explains. And adds: - The way how we move, walk, sit talks a lot about us and our diseases. Every men has got weak points in organism, on which we have to pay more attention.

Rolfing more or less helps to every person, because it improves for example blood flow through tissues. It also removes toxins from muscles, including lactic acid, improves metabolism, increases joints movements. At the same time it affects patients emotions and psyche, is deeply relaxing.

The procedure last about one hour, however it depends on problems and sometimes it can be painful.

We should remember, that we are healthy when our body and mind stay in balance. If one of organs works wrong - immediately affects other. Rolfing improves every part of body.

Rewia Nr45 8.11.2006