2007-05-16 Rewia Nr 20 (Stamp massage against migraine)

Stamp massage against migraine

The room smells with herbs, fruits and oils. Masseuse holds cotton sacs in hands and touch patients body with them. She puts it in different places. Massaged lady looks like she was sleeping, she`s totally relaxed. - Cotton sacs are filled with herbs and dried fruits: lemon, orange, grapefruit peels, coconut nuts, cloves, Turkish pepper - explains Katarzyna Jeleń Pszkit, certified bioenergotherapist, nurse, graduate of the department of natural therapies in Ecological Study of Education. - The ingredients arn`t matched accidentally, it`s about warming the body. I warm the sacs in special dish filled with oil. Its temperature reach 120 Celsius. After putting sacs on patients body you can hear delicate sound of fried herbs - our expert adds. At the beginning of procedure, when sacs are very hot, contact with massaged person skin is very short, lasts for a few seconds. When they coll to 60 Celsius, I increase pressure. Touched points are very important, they are not matched by accident. It is important to stimulate point located at meridians (channels for energy flow). At every meridian 9 to 60 points are located, there is over 700 of them on whole body. - Stamps massage is effective, because it contains of many different techniques: aromatherapy, acupressure, reflexology and classical massage; Katarzyna Pszkit explains. - This procedure assists in healing many diseases. During procedure I specially look after points responsible for the issue. For example, if patients have problems with blood circulation, I put the sacs into area where meridian of heart and small intestine are located. I don`t skip other receptors, because in our organism all the organs are connected. I try to pay attention to receptors of kidneys, bladder, ureter, adrenals, neck, lymphatic points - our expert explains.

Stamps massage assists healing improper blood pressure, depression, lungs, sinus diseases, migraine, rheumatism, persistent cough, removes toxins from organism, relax muscles and alleviates pain. - This is the most pleasant therapy that you can imagine - Teresa from Poznan, who was on stamps massage, smiles - Touch of warm sacs makes body totally relaxed. I felt like the warmth walks through my spine and organism. The most important is, that I get rid of my health problems. Since childhood I had kidney problems. I had sand in urine all the time and painful stones in kidneys. I was careful with my diet, took drugs and it wasn`t helping much. After cycle of procedures I made test which showed that my condition improved much - Ms Teresa says.

The massage last for about one hour. It`s good to lie down for a few minutes after, body will absorb oils better. The patient is covered with sheet and warm blanket.

Rewia Nr20 16.05.2007