2005-04-03 Stars Says Nr 14 (GONGS - sounds of planet Earth)

GONGS - sounds of planet Earth


Once, in shamans hand, they imitated the most powerful sound of nature - thunders. Nowadays the relax, help to meditate, even heal.

Katarzyna Jeleń, one of first Don Conreaux Polish student - undisputed gong master - can`t imagine her life without those ancient instruments. - At the beginning I was a bit afraid of them, but two years ago Don Conreaux came to Poland and made them my passion - Kasia Jeleń says

Gong is multi-dimensional instrument and, as Don Conreaux says, contains all existing in the Earth sounds. When you play on it, it emanates white energy, and its harmonic tones works beneficially for humans organism. Vibration of gongs are so strong, that you can feel them physically, especially in solar plexus. They relax, sedate, help to manage pain and stress. Its worth knowing, that sound with lower frequency "massage" the skeleton, and higher sound - muscles and internal organs. Lately gongs are used also in autistic children therapy.


Gongs should be played completely intuitively, without any plan or notes, trusting only to your divine part - Higher Me. It is enough to to come to this ancient instrument with humility and listen to yourself.

I look at the people, into their eyes and after a while I know, how to play. I`m guided - Katarzyna Jeleń says. - I play in energy flow.

Often there is more than one gong player, nevertheless musicians never discuss how to run the concert. When Katarzyna played with Don Conreaux, she carefully listen to masters play, reading his intention. Feeling, what Don would like to tell with his play, she adapted to him.

Katarzyna everyday spend a lot time for playing (at least two hours), because sound of gongs sedates, relax and purifies from energetic pollution.

- When I`m sick or cold, I play for myself - Kasia Jeleń says. - Ten minutes in soothing sounds is enough to improve my mood. Gongs vibration works on every cell of the organism. Not only destroying and removes toxins at cell level, but also brings organs back to original energetic harmony. Immune system become stronger, and the whole organism more immune.


Sound of gong surrounds listener all around him, brain goes into alpha state, which facilitates getting into state of deep meditation. Thats way it is told that specific bath in sounds of this instrument can be a gate to a different states of consciousness.

- When I play, I`m present and aware, but also under influence of some higher forces - Katarzyna Jeleń says. - All my body trembles, I feel like I`ve been dumped ins sounds. Many people during musical meditation feels lightness and walking outside the body (for example musicians from Rolling Stones experienced it). If we will combine music and meditation, we can speed body healing.


In most of ancient civilizations gongs were used to tell people about most important events related to religious life, worn against danger, they were also heralds of peace. Their classical shape was developed about VI century A.D., and thanks to Tibetan monks they reached the West. In China they were symbol of wealth, drove away evil spirits, their possession was marker of high social status. In Korea gongs sounds accompanied shaman rituals, in Japan were used during ceremonies and meditation, and during kabuki theater performance. In Indonesia were used to dismiss the storm. Iban tribe from Borneo still uses gogns do drove away evil powers.

Włodzimierz Adam Osiński
fot. autora
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