Exclusive massages with aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the art of cultivating the body and improve the mood with plant essential oils. It is a completely natural method of reaching its roots to ancient times, focusing on all areas of the man, his appearance, well-being, conducive to building positive relationships with the environment.
Treatments is composed of aromatherapy massage transformed into a ritual of beauty which will improve beauty, remove the effects of fatigue, restore skin glow and give relief to our body. (Femi)


„Dreamy” - For capricious, impatient people who have hypersensitive, dry skin with fragile capillaries. It calms down , brings harmonious mood, facilitates deep relaxation and full chest breathing, oxygenates the body and the mind. It soothes hypersensitivity of the skin and calms dilated capillaries.

A holistic approach and content of valuable gifts of nature in the preparations used for the massage will effect on the mind and body as follows:

  • reduces inflammation and prevents eczema, cleanses and peels of the skin - thanks to xeranthemum
  • stimulates the growth of healthy skin cells, regulates sebaceous glands, smoothes scars and stretch marks, gives a balance of emotions - thanks to lavender oil
  • stimulates tired muscles, shrinks dilated capillaries, removes tension and nervous exhaustion, strengthens the intellectual productivity - thanks to cypress essential oil
  • intensely nourishes the skin, strengthens the lipid coat, increases resistance to damage - thanks to peach oil which rich in fatty acids
  • softens, moisturizes, revitalizes and protects against the adverse effects of climate making skin firm and elastic - thanks to aloe oil macerate

„Touch of an Angel ” - massage can be performed as relaxing or anti-cellulite with complex of etheric oils Touch of an Angel – in base oil. Uplifting, stimulates both mind and body, warming internally.

Full of understanding and gentle massage combined with herbal components used in this massage have the effect of:

  • reducing the feeling of exhaustion, insomnia, relieving nervous tension, purifying the chaos in your mind, reducing wrinkles and scars, improving flabby skin tension, cleansing the skin of toxic metabolites - thanks to frankincense oil
  • depriving pessimistic thoughts, bringing a sense of comfort, oxygenating the skin, helping in removal of excessive fat, firming - thanks to cedar oil
  • firming the skin, reducing wrinkles and scars, reducing cellulite - thanks to rosemary oil
  • eliminating muscle fatigue, slimming and anti-cellulite therapy improvement, toning the oily skin and acne - thanks to Grapefruit essential oil
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids moisturize the skin and provide Vit. E - quinoa oil
  • rejuvenating, detoxifying the skin - thanks to Centella asiatica (tiger herb) oily macerate of.

„Penelope” - for women in menopause, before and during menstruation, helps to accept your body, improves self-confidence, will fill you with good and warm feelings.

This massage has unique character thanks to holistic approach of the therapist who is full of understanding and empathy. Therefore, more effectively prevents depression, restores energy and good humor. It helps to deal with skin problems during menopause, relieves unpleasant symptoms of PMS. Facilitates the acceptance of his body, fills with warm feelings to yourself and the world, though the ingredients bring many other effects such as:

  • reduce inflammation of the skin, detoxify and regenerate and reduce wrinkles and remove muscle tension headaches - thanks to Clary sage oil;
  • moisturize and reduce wrinkles, increase the level of endorphins - thanks to the oil of ylang - ylang;
  • regulate blood circulation, attracts far, energize, balance mood swings, support the treatment of eczema and acne - thanks to Geranium oil;
  • nourish, deeply moisturize and regenerate the skin, smooth and soften scar itching - thanks to noble rose oil nutmeg;
  • relieve rheumatic pain, PMS, protect against excessive flaking of the skin -thanks to flowers oil macerate.

„Amicus” – calms, removes signs of exhaustion, helps with concentration and also softens and moisturizes the skin making it tighter and toned. Recommended for nervous men and women with dry, sensitive skin, physically and mentally tired, struggling with anxiety and insomnia. Provides a deep sleep, deprives the nerve tension, calms aggressive reactions to inspire peace and forgiveness.

Welcoming atmosphere during the massage and compositions of the active ingredients contained in the cosmetics works as follows:

  • strengthens, regenerates, firms and softens dry and sensitive skin as well as antidepressant value for mind - thanks to vetiver oil;
  • increases the level of natural moisture in the skin, smooths dry skin, restores the balance of mind - thanks to the oil of sandalwood;
  • regenerates and softens the skin, strengthens the skin's resistance - thanks to Basico oil mix - compatible with human skin lipids;
  • softens dried and chapped skin, protects against sun - thanks to coconut oil.

Rose paradise - Massage made with organic rose oil. Rose is very feminine flower and so is rose oil. A healing properties for female genital tract, especially on the uterus. Cleanses, regulates and tones, is gentle and effective antidepressant. It is recommended especially in emotional problems associated with the women`s intimate sphere. It makes woman more opened, relaxed and helps to define your own desires. This property of the oil has been known for centuries - it is known as an excellent aphrodisiac.

The balance of the four elements
Harmonizing massage with dates essential oil, myrrh, frankincense, and raspberry seeds.